Intervention for the reduction of bullying in primary and secondary schools

The approach we have worked out and experimented in these years comes from the requests of the students and it has developed giving lot of importance to the collaboration among psychologists, teachers and, when possible, parents.

Our attention has been addressed to the implementation of a methodology of work that could individualize the intervention making it as much coherent with the characteristics of each specific situation as possible.

I have defined this methodology as “emotional and relational paths” with classes to emphasize that bullying reduction is realised intervening on emotional dimension and on peer groups’ relations. Those who act bullying, as well as those who suffer arrogances, have difficulties in understanding and working out their emotions. Because of this the aggressors overestimates hostility, while the victims inhibit their aggressiveness. If we really want to reduce bullying, we should try to enlarge the ways of expressing owns emotions, without considering them as guilt, and teaching to the youngsters how expressing them in constructive ways.

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